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THINK iT Solutions receives accreditation as a Microsoft Small Business Specialist

01 June 2006

Think IT Solutions are proud to announce that we have received accreditation as a Microsoft Small Business Specialist Partner.

Partners who qualify as Small Business Specialists have to have a ‘proven competency in marketing, selling, planning and building solutions for small businesses.’

To receive the accreditation we needed to meet stringent requirements and pass a number of assessments. By meeting and passing these we received validation that we as a company have a ‘clear understanding of the dynamics and dependencies of the small business market, and the value, to small business, of several software solutions.’

The accreditation also confirms that we have the ‘experience and capability to deploy multifaceted IT Solutions for our customers, the necessary skills across multiple Microsoft products and technologies, and the expertise to design, deploy and manage network solutions for small and medium businesses.’

The most exciting aspect of the accreditation is that it will allow us to differentiate our capabilities with Microsoft Technologies to small business customers.

‘Small business customers have clearly recognised the need for information technology that enables them to be competitive. They also want high quality solutions that are designed to meet those needs. Becoming a Small business Specialist means that we are able to offer Microsoft solutions that are designed according to customers needs, and supported to ensure customer satisfaction.’

As a Microsoft Small Business Specialist we now have ‘access to premium content and resources, including special training and readiness opportunities related to Microsoft small business offerings.’

We were very pleased to receive this accreditation on a number of levels. Most importantly being recognised as a technology partner that offers ‘products, services and solutions based on Microsoft technologies, and, as a confirmation of our knowledge, expertise and experience in serving the small business community.