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THINK iT saves Goldenmarc through virtualisation

21 March 2010

Proving that virtualisation is a beneficial and extremely useful option for not only enterprise, but also small and medium sized businesses, THINK iT this month announced the migration of Goldenmarc’s line of business system across to a virtualised server environment.

“What makes the migration interesting however is that it wasn’t done for the same old reasons we’ve heard in the market time and time again,” explains Rohil Dayaram, pre-sales technical advisor for THINK iT Solutions, a South African service and support provider in the Information and Communications Technology industry.

“Virtualisation was undoubtedly something Goldenmarc was strongly considering, but while they were deciding on the best way to align their IT environment with global standards, disaster struck,” he adds.

One of the local leading retail distributors' most business critical servers, which was scheduled for replacement, began experiencing an unexpected hardware failure along with data corruptions. Everything pointed towards a complete system crash, which called for an immediate solution.

“Thankfully, THINK iT had begun priming a virtualised server environment using Microsoft’s HyperV, as a proof of concept only weeks before things began coming apart at the seams,” says Goldenmarc financial director, Wayne Bloch.

“They immediately offered this system to us as a temporary solution to our issues and undertook to migrate the physical server environment running our Syspro server onto a virtualised instance of the operating system with far more powerful and reliable hardware,” Bloch says.

Two hours after THINK iT arrived on site with the stand-in hardware, things were back to normal in the Goldenmarc offices and the seamless switchover had taken place with no effects on the end-users.

“We were astounded by how quickly THINK iT was able to migrate our server across to the virtualised environment,” Bloch continues, “and furthermore how stable the system has been since the move.”

“Upgrading our business package along with the rest of our infrastructure is now front of mind,” Bloch continues, “and the solution THINK iT put in place has bought us the time we needed to investigate our options thoroughly.”

Bloch says that its experiences over the past couple of months have substantially strengthened the case for moving to a virtualised IT environment.

“We’re even looking at virtualising the client-side of our environment,” Bloch continues, “since this will allow us to improve security, performance and the resilience of our IT shop.

“We wouldn’t consider using just any partner for the move however,” he adds.

“We have a relationship with THINK iT that spans four years and during that time, the company has proven itself as a partner we can rely on, both to keep the wheels turning on our IT operation and give us sound advice,” he says.

“The work THINK iT has done for us so far has been exemplary and we’re confident that our relationship will continue well into the future,” he concludes.